11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Unlike Maths, Verbal Reasoning is not part of regular curriculum in most Primary Schools. Each topic has been carefully chosen to form the huge question bank available on our website. This is the only website that covers each topic in detail in the form of Quizzes. Once students feel confident about all topics, they can proceed to take the papers that are similar in pattern to real papers. Depending on which membership you opt, students have choice to take One (Silver), Two (Gold) or Three (Platinum) papers. For more practice, there are additional papers available that can be bought separately. For Platinum users, there are more than 1500 questions available for Verbal Reasoning.

The topics covered are:

  • Word number codes
  • Number sequence
  • Alphabet sequence
  • Complete a word (missing three letters)
  • Find the word (Four letters word)
  • Jumbled up
  • Word meaning
  • Same meanings
  • Opposites
  • Odd-one out
  • Word-letter codes
  • Letter for number
  • Word Connections (Relative words)
  • Find the letterCompound words
  • Move a letter
  • Complete the sum
  • Letter connections
  • Number connections
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