Choosing a Secondary School

Entry to top performing secondary schools is more competitive than ever. Forward planning from selecting a school, preparing for the entrance test is essential. From joining parents forum to tuition and even moving house is becoming common for families. With this in mind, not only do you need to start your search for the ideal school as early as possible but you need to find time from your busy schedule for kids to be mentally prepared for the challenge. If you ask someone whose kids have gone through this process, you will know that it takes more than mere preparation.

Name is important?

Most state grammar schools are free but some former state grammar schools have now become independent schools. They have been able to retain 'grammar' in their school name but they do charge fee like independent schools. Some examples of fee-paying schools are, Bristol Grammar School and Manchester Grammar School. Please do check that any 'grammar' of interest, is indeed a state grammar school (or state academy). There are some schools that do not have grammar in their name but they have Grammar€ accreditation. There are other secondary schools that provide similar facilities as Grammar schools and have excellent academic results to back their claim.

Best place to start would be to go through the list of secondary schools in your area. Do attend open days and check the facilities in the school. A good research on their results, extra curricular activities will be helpful. Even when your child is academically brilliant, a lot depends on the performance in the test and distance from school DOES matter. We have tried our best to compile information on all secondary schools here. We have tried to compile information on test (which subjects etc) for each school to the best of our knowledge. We shall provide dates of test, open days and more local information on that page for each year as we go close to those deadlines.

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